David MorrisonOur Patron
David Morrison, 2016 Australian of the Year

General David Morrison concluded his appointment as Australia’s Chief of Army in May 2015. During a 36 year career as a soldier he saw operational service in Bougainville and East Timor and as an Australian Army Officer led troops from platoon level all the way up to three star General - Chief of Army. This is an appointment he held for the last four years of his service. His loyalty to his profession and outstanding performance was recognised by being made an Officer in the Order of Australia in 2010.

In his tenure at the top of Australia’s Army, David has faced many leadership challenges but he is probably best known for his strong public stance on gender equality and leading cultural change in large organisations. His three-minute address, via video, to his workforce in the wake of a particular instance of poor behaviour by a group of officers and senior soldiers, was posted on YouTube and has had almost 1.7 million views.

He has spoken about diversity and culture to the UN International Women's Day Conference in New York, and was a closing speaker with Angelina Jolie, William Hague and John Kerry at the Global Summit to Prevent Sexual Violence in Military Conflict in London in 2014.


Nadia Pessarossi

Nadia has over 20 years’ experience in business and retail management in various positions in the public and private sector, with 9 years at the Australian War Memorial (AWM). Work at the AWM included managing the Memorial Shop, product development and being the manager of the Lone Pine project that involved marketing limited edition pieces made from the Lone Pine. She was also responsible for managing official, royal and other VIP gifts.

Nadia was also instrumental in the managing of the commercial tender for the ANZAC Centenary, working with Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) and managing the commercial section during April 2015, which saw hundreds of thousands of people flock to the AWM to commemorate the 100-year anniversary of Gallipoli.

During centenary, she worked with the charity Soldier On managing the ‘Thank you for your service’ campaign. Nadia has also managed her own consulting business, setting up the retail space for the Canberra Brumbies and several retail businesses nation-wide.

Nadia is passionate and determined to assist in breaking the cycle of violence and to continue to raise more awareness of family and domestic violence. Nadia began her journey with TCF as a volunteer and assisted in branding, operational, volunteer and events management. Through growth of TCF and her management skill set Nadia was employed as Head Marketing, Fundraising and Events. She worked closely on the Tara’s Angel program and her role quickly expanded to that of Chief Operating Officer. Now Nadia leads the TCF team, working very closely with the Angel and building TCF from strength to strength.

genevieve_jacobs_2.jpgOur Ambassadors
Genevieve Jacobs

Since 2006, Genevieve has worked for 666 ABC Canberra. It's a challenge she has attacked with relish, providing her with the opportunity to expand her interests in politics and current affairs, history, the arts and the environment. Genevieve's trademark is a strong connection with local issues, and a warm, well informed and humorous presentation style. In addition to her radio role, Genevieve has also appeared regularly on ABC TV's Insiders programme as host of the Your Shout segment, and has made several videocasts for ABC Local Radio’s website. She has been widely involved in community events in Canberra as a guest speaker, facilitator and MC. She has also been a panellist for forums including the National Museum's annual review of the year's events and has served as a member of the Canberra anti-poverty week steering committee and the Australian Institute of Architects award jury.

Genevieve has supported and reported on Tara’s case and TCF from day one. 

Genevieve is married with four children, and lives on a family farm on the South West Slopes of NSW. She describes herself as incurably nosy and loves nothing more than a good yarn and the chance to find out about people’s stories.

NathaNathan_Costigan_Bio.jpgn Costigan
Tara's Cousin

Nathan’s professional career includes 10 years executive level experience in Government with the AFP as a Protection Officer, Community Services Directorate in the ACT Government and the Department of Defence. His roles have been specifically around working with Minister’s, Cabinet, Assembly, Parliament and Committees. Nathan also manages a successful Fencing and Gardening company. He coached the Tuggeranong Hawks AFL Senior side for four years ending in 2017, and has played just under 150 club games.

Losing Tara to such a horrific crime has left Nathan on a mission to advocate against family and domestic violence. Nathan is the Costigan family representative, spokesperson and a director of the Board for TCF.

Happily married with a family that includes his 2 dogs, Nathan asks you to support and help us change the culture in our nation.


 Hayley Jensen 

The lovely, very talented Hayley Jensen knows what it is like to experience domestic violence first hand;

 “I feel incredibly honoured to be an ambassador for the Tara Costigan Foundation.  Domestic abuse in any shape or form is never, ever OK. Victims and survivors need to know that they are not alone and that support is available if they reach out for help. Behind closed doors, I myself was a victim of domestic abuse for a number of years, and if not for the support of friends and family when I finally spoke up, I hate to think how it may have ended.  I was absolutely devastated when I began to research the number of people who are affected every year from family domestic violence. I knew I had to do something - to take a stand.  I was extremely honoured to be invited to perform at the Tara Costigan Foundation Angel Gala Ball earlier this year and to be invited to be an Ambassador for the Foundation.  I want to do all I can to help raise awareness, not only for the prevalence of DV in our society, but also for the support available to those who find themselves feeling trapped - There is always a way out. You are not alone!"

13987660_785499544926322_6492175860900039090_o-1.jpgMarlene Tighe
Marlene courageously stepped up and told her then partner that she would no longer tolerate his abuse and so she asked him to leave. His response was to pick up a hammer and smash Marlene in the face. She lost her left eye, half of her teeth; and had to have major nerves removed from the left side of her face.

Marlene is committed to doing all she can to reduce family & domestic violence in Australia, with particular interest in our indigenous communities.

Marlene has agreed to be a TCF Ambassador and we are absolutely honoured to partner with Marlene and support her in the important mission she is on.


Nadene Smith 
Nadene met Tara the day of her own court hearing on the 27 February 2015, after she had enough of the emotional and verbal abuse.  She was at a point of genuine fear and a good friend, a police officer, told her it was not acceptable behaviour and she had to take action. She doesn't remember much about that day other than the feeling of embarrassment that she had to let this continue so long thinking that the behaviour was normal. 

That morning her world changed and that was because of a brief conversation with Tara, and seeing the courage in Tara's eyes as she held her new baby girl.  Nadene, a mother of two beautiful girls, knew that she also had to find that strength and make a stand against domestic violence - no matter what kind - verbal, emotional, financial or physical - none is acceptable in our society.

After learning of Tara's death, Nadene attended our First Ladies lunch in October 2015 and expressed her willingness to support the foundation, as a volunteer.  Since then Nadene has been an active volunteer at all our big events and assists us in raising funds for the Tara's Angels. 

Nadene is committed and dedicated to stopping domestic violence and ensuring that other women, men and children know that there is support there cause as Nadene knows it is not an issue to be embarrassed about!  


Our Chair
Michael Hardy

Michael is an Assistant Commissioner in the Australian Taxation Office, with over 20 years’ experience as a senior executive.

He was the Charity Commissioner within the Australian Taxation Office for 6 years and led the team that set up the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profit Commission.

He has international experience working as a consultant to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and has led a number of Australian delegations to international conferences on charity and taxation matters. He was also the chair of the OECD’s GST committee from 2002-2006.

He is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and holds Bachelor of Economics and Master of Business Administration degrees.

Michael was appointed to the Board in 2015.

Our Board

Director - Stephen Imrie
Director - Meegan Vecera
Director - Sonyalle Brackley
Director - Damien Hollingsworth
Director - Adam Smith
Director - Nathan Costigan