David MorrisonOur Patron
David Morrison, 2016 Australian of the Year

General David Morrison concluded his appointment as Australia’s Chief of Army in May 2015. During a 36 year career as a soldier he saw operational service in Bougainville and East Timor and as an Australian Army Officer led troops from platoon level all the way up to three star General - Chief of Army. This is an appointment he held for the last four years of his service. His loyalty to his profession and outstanding performance was recognised by being made an Officer in the Order of Australia in 2010.

In his tenure at the top of Australia’s Army, David has faced many leadership challenges but he is probably best known for his strong public stance on gender equality and leading cultural change in large organisations. His three-minute address, via video, to his workforce in the wake of a particular instance of poor behaviour by a group of officers and senior soldiers, was posted on YouTube and has had almost 1.7 million views.

He has spoken about diversity and culture to the UN International Women's Day Conference in New York, and was a closing speaker with Angelina Jolie, William Hague and John Kerry at the Global Summit to Prevent Sexual Violence in Military Conflict in London in 2014.

CEO.jpgOur Founder 
Michael Costigan

Michael is Tara Costigan's uncle and founder of the Tara Costigan Foundation – a charity established in the wake of Tara's brutal murder, following the amazing support by the community.

Decades in corporate leadership and business development has helped shape Michael’s approach to driving TCF’s objectives. There is certainly no easy solution to domestic violence, but Michael believes that the path to success in our lives, in our communities, and in our relationships, require a change in our belief systems. He contends that our beliefs form our attitudes, which in turn trigger our emotions, that then drive our behaviours. And ultimately, it is our behaviours that deliver the outcome. TCF's vision for that outcome is a society that values respect, and recognises the worth of every individual.

Michael wants us to go on this mission together, for as the foundation’s mantra states - ‘Together We Are Strong’. It is an ideology that has been in the Costigan family for as long as Michael can remember and he would love to see it become the tagline in everything we strive for as a nation.

What Michael and TCF has accomplished in two years is truly remarkable in terms of the reach, awareness and profile for the foundation’s mission and vision.

Marlene TigheOur Ambassador
Marlene Tighe

Marlene courageously stepped up and told her then partner that she would no longer tolerate his abuse and so she asked him to leave. His response was to pick up a hammer and smash Marlene in the face. She lost her left eye, half of her teeth; and had to have major nerves removed from the left side of her face.

Marlene is committed to doing all she can to reduce family & domestic violence in Australia, with particular interest in our indigenous communities.

Marlene has agreed to be a TCF Ambassador and we are absolutely honoured to partner with Marlene and support her in the important mission she is on.

Our Board

Chair - Michael Hardy
Director - Stephen Imrie
Director - Meegan Vecera
Director - Sonyalle Brackley
Director - Matthew Christey
Director - Damien Hollingsworth
Director - Adam Smith