National Family Violence Summit

What: The National Family Violence Summit will comprise two intensive days of presentations, keynote addresses and panel discussions.

When: Tuesday 28th February 2017 + Wednesday 1st March 2017

Where: Hotel QT, 1 London Circuit, Canberra ACT 2601

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Rebecca Poulson

We will be joined by a diverse range of Incredible Speakers including:

Rebecca Poulson, published author of Killing Love and CEO of the Poulson Family Foundation, is a domestic violence advocate and ambassador of Our Watch. Rebecca is no stranger to shocking family violence; her father, niece and nephew were murdered on her 33rd birthday. Rebecca Shares a powerful, unforgettable story about tragedy, grief – and hope.


Tarang Chawla

Tarang Chawla, 2017 Young Australian of the Year Finalist and Domestic Violence advocate who works with young men to encourage new models of masculinity that don’t lead to violence. Following the horrific murder, due to domestic violence, of his 23-year old sister Nikita, Tarang founded “Not One More Niki”,a campaign to end violence against women.Tarang is an engaging author and compelling keynote speaker who brings his multicultural heritage and humour to a heartbreaking topic, empowering communities to action and reminding us of the importance of making the most of every day.


Zack Bryers

Zack Bryers, YouthCare Canberra’s first full-time outreach worker. A former Soldier in the Australian Army deployed to Afghanistan, Zack was medically discharged after being diagnosed with PTSD. Knowing what it is like to be at rock bottom and also what it is like to come back from it Zack tells the youth that he works with “your bad experiences can become your best experiences. These are your tools for greatness, Use them”.



All of our key note speakers will share their knowledge, experience and expertise during our panel discussions. The 2017 National Family Violence summit will look at the issue of domestic violence from a number of angles; discussing the ripple effect of family violence, what needs to happen to tackle family violence in Australia’s indigenous communities, how family violence affects young survivors and how we can break the cycle of violence.

Laticia GibsonThe Event will be Hosted by Laticia Gibson, Journalist and survivor of domestic violence and childhood sexual abuse. Lactica is passionate about sharing her experiences to  break the pattern of silence, she says her responsibilities as Master of Ceremonies comes with a deep respect and humility, knowing that together, we are stronger.

To see a complete list of our incredible guest speakers and the topics we'll be discussing check out our full program.

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