Appointment of CEO


The Board is pleased to announce that Nadia Pessarossi has been appointed as the CEO for TCF.

The following message is from Our Chair Michael Hardy...


Nadia has been with TCF since almost the beginning. She is a tireless supporter. She has built and grown so many relationships. When there was an opportunity to act as the CEO, Nadia took this on with the same “can do” attitude that she has always displayed. Last week the Board confirmed Nadia as the CEO; no longer “acting”.

 “Yeah, duh,” some of you are saying to yourselves, “Why did it take you so long and why did you have a public advertising process?” Fair questions.

TCF runs on public donations. That is money that people like you give to TCF because you trust that we will do the good things that we promise. People across Australia donate to charities every day. Sometimes the charities don’t keep the promises that they make. You’ve read the stories – financial irregularities, Boards and CEOs resigning amidst scandal, donated money used for personal benefit and cosy deals done to employ friends or family.


We are a small charity, but we are starting out how we expect to continue; with integrity and openness and transparency. Appointing a CEO means that TCF was going to spend money that our supporters donated.

We felt that it was important that our supporters could see that before we spent their money that we went through a process to find the best possible fit for TCF. While Board directors were part of the process of considering and interviewing applicants, we also asked an independent person to be part of the process.

I think that everyone that has ever met Nadia has told me that we’d have difficulty in finding a better CEO for TCF at this time. An open and independent process confirmed this. It cost less than $200 in advertising. The Board directors all volunteer their time. 

We know that it is important that you feel you can trust us to do the things we promise. If ever you do have doubts, contact us and ask.

We are finalising the Annual Report for 2016-17. The short story is that we almost doubled in size, which allowed us to deploy the first Tara’s Angel and help 23 survivors with the tailored and enduring support that Angels can provide. There has been lots of other good work and members of the Foundation will get the chance to ask questions of the Board at the Annual General Meeting in November.

Congratulations to Nadia, on her appointment as CEO

Michael Hardy
Chair, TCF Board of Directors